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Age Group:

Age Between 18 to 30 months

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday (9:00AM to 11:00AM)

Objective of Playgroup

  • Build relationships through social interactions with friends and teachers
  • Discover new experiences using role-play and cmprehend their surroundings
  • To gain self confidence, develop self expression, develop verbal and non verbal communication skills
  • Develop their skills of cooperation through music, songs and free play
  • To be given opportunities to enhance all areas of their physical, social, emotional and intellectual development

  • What is Playgroup?

  • Play is a way toddlers learn about the world and prepare themselves for future achievements
  • Play contributes to a child's emotional, physical and intellectual development
  • Through play, a child learns so many vital skills such as eye-hand coordination,gross motor skills,social skills and listening skills
  • These games help children grow, learn and most importantly, have fun together

  • An all-rounded child

  • Social Development: Cultivate to share, take turns, learn to give and take, cooperate and get along with people around them
  • Emotional Development: Build self esteem and values, create secure and happy children, and respect others
  • Intellectual Development: Encourage creativity, logical and thinking skills, language and numeracy skills and problem solving readiness