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Primary 1 Preparatory Class (English & Maths) 

(For 5 - 6 years old, K1 - K2)

Gears up students to be prepared for their primary schooling years which follows the M.O.E’s guidelines.



(For 3 - 18 years old)

• Helps Children Decipher Words -

When children learn the sounds that letters and groups of letters make, they can decode words they have not

encountered before in their reading, which allows children to learn new words independently.

• Yields Progressive Learning -

It gives children a foundation for learning new words, which a foundation in phonics can also help children learn

parts of words they can remember when they encounter new words they have never seen before,  which makes

learning to read much easier. 

• Helps Writing Ability -

One final benefit of learning phonics is that it ultimately helps children learn to write by using written lessons and

 activities to help children master both reading and writing skills. Children also tend to develop their spelling skills as

they learn which letters or combinations of letters create sounds in words they write.


Abacus & Arithmetic

(For 5 - 12 years old)

Your child will be trained to master the movement of the abacus’ beads and eventually learn to understand abstractions

by visualizing the beads in their minds. The activities done during the program will train the students to calculate math 

problems mentally without the use of the abacus instrument. 

Arts & Craft 

(For 5 - 17 years old)

• Bilateral Coordination

• Fine Motor Coordination

• Self Regulation

• Self-esteem booster

• Bonding and fun

Available courses:

• Art Foundation 

• Brainy Arts 

• Digital Art 

• Kinder Arts 

• Painting 

• Trend Art 

• Art Play

• Art Touch

• The Art People



(For 5 - 12 years old)

Taking Chinese language lessons and mastering the language opens doors to nearly one-fifth of the world’s population.

Right now in the world, Chinese is language and cultural force for the 21st century. So it follows that learning Chinese

 just makes sense because it will change your life.

Available courses:

• Chinese Character Reconition

• Chinese Speech & Drama

• Chinese Creative Writing

• Chinese Read in a Week

Speech and Drama 

(For 3 - 6 years old)

• Dramatization

• Role play

• Mime & Movement

• Poetry Recitation

• Reading Aloud

• Choral Reading


Baking & Cooking

(For 5 - 18 years old. Parents & Children bonding sessions available.)

With kids, things can get a little messy, but persevere and the mess gets less as they have the opportunity to develop

their skills. When they measure and weigh the ingredients, Math skills boosted as children count out ingredients (eg

6 eggs, 2 cups flour)


Music & Singing

(7 years old - 18 years old)

• Improves visual & verbal skills

• Keeps an aging brain healthy

• Music Makes You Happier

• Improve Heartbeat, Pulse Rate & Blood Pressure

• Improves Sleep Quality

• Boosts Your Immune System & Reduces Pain

• Reduces Depression & Anxiety


Financial Literacy

(For 5 - 9 years old)

Through fun & games, we impart 5 core values (Spend, Save, Earn, Share & Grow) to the children through our specially

designed crafted activities.


LEGO Robotics

(For 5 years old - 7 years old & 8 years old - 12 years old)

Math and science will become real and relevant to children, as they investigate, experiment and learn how to build and programme simple LEGO models.

Key Objectives

• Learn math and science concepts through exploration

• Understand the basics of robotics

• Design and create simple models with movements

• Work with peers to create stories and solutions

• Develop an interest in math, science and technology

Our instructors are trained by Duck Learning, the exclusive partner of LEGO Education in Singapore. All resources by LEGO Education.